Six geese a laying, where would you keep 6 geese?  It made me think about holiday guests, filling your home with friends and family, and well, how do they all fit?  There are many design features and options that can help to make a space more functional, accommodating and a better fit for entertaining.

The pictures below provide design ideas or elements that help to create designated work areas or areas for family and friends to gather and enjoy their spaces and a welcoming spaces for guests to visit.

In this design by positioning the refrigerator at the end of the wall it maximizes the countertop workspace and keeps the refrigerator closer to the entertaining area of the island and the table area.  Also creating multiple gathering areas helps to control the flow of traffic in a space and also allows for multiple groups to gather in the kitchen without out over crowding the space.

The use of different textures can add to a design and look.  In this project textures played a key role in completing the look and feel of this space.

 .   . .  . 

From the use of mesh on the glass doors,  the mirror on the back of the bar to the texture of the stone on the walls and the corbels on the mantel area they all contribute to a rich and warm inviting area to entertain your guests and your senses.  We also created a design that allowed friends and family to gather around a beautiful bar setting that provided a serving space, extra storage and seating to fit all your holiday guests!

Design elements can come in many shapes, sizes & forms, as designers one of our jobs is to identify design elements that can add functionality, style, pleasing scenes and gathering spaces where memories can be made and shared.  A key component to great design, is great listening.  Listening to the challenges, listening to the dreams and goals of a client can lead to creative designs and dreams come true.