What Makes The Ladies Dance On The 9th Day of Christmas….

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This project transformed their entire first floor into a Family home entertainment area. Complete with a dry bar with TV and beverage center that transitions to the deck and backyard. The  Heritage Designers suggested removing the Peninsula  and opening up the flow of traffic to the kitchen with an island that features a fun seating area on the back of the island to promote conversation while entertaining, spending family time together, use as a practical prep space or nights helping kids homework.

The 30″ cabinets that were in the kitchen before made the room look smaller and didn’t provide adequate cabinetry space.  By placing the wall cabinets with 36” tall uppers with handsome 2 piece crown molding they gained additional storage space and now the kitchen looks more open, organized and much larger.   The Cambria  Quartz counter tops in addition to being beautiful the Cambria quartz countertops do not require any maintenance like sealing.  Because of the non-porous surface that quartz offers there is no need for sealing the countertops, they are stain-resistant and will maintain that new look for many, many years to come.  The cabinetry is also complimented by the glass subway tiles and the LED low voltage under cabinet lighting that can be dimmed during movie time or provide the work and task light needed to cook up family dinners.

This timeless white shaker cabinetry, The Cambria Quartz countertops, the Luxury Vinyl Floors throughout the first floor, along with the Kohler faucet and decorative Hardware can all purchased at Heritage.  Come see Heritage for your family space transformation.

“We Are extremely happy on how the project turned out,

and we love our Cambria Countertops!”

-Bob & Maria H.

Yorkville, IL

7 Swans A’ Swimming…In A Sea Of Beautiful Design!

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Recently I worked as the lead designer on a home for L. Martinez Builders in Wheaton, Illinois.  It was an exciting project to partner on as this home was featured in this year’s Cavalcade of Homes Road Show.  Unlike previous years when all houses were in the same neighborhood, the new Road Show was a scattered site event that featured homes throughout the local area.  We were honored to be chosen to partner on design for the L. Martinez home.  In working with the builder and design team, Heritage was chosen to provide the cabinetry, countertops and hardwood flooring throughout the home.  In this design we were excited

to show off some of the latest design trends.  The kitchen perimeter featured maple wood, white painted shaker cabinetry with glass door accents while the island and hutch sported a rich

dark sable stain.  The hutch was accented with bead board and custom corbels, carved by the builder himself!  The countertops were rich in character featuring one of the latest designs,

Oakmoor Cambria Quartz that features a sandy wavy pattern that provides a calm to those hectic days.  The look was complimented and brought together with a warm and inviting hand and wire brush scraped barnwood floor that melded all of the colors, tones, textures and looks together beautifully.



6th Day of Christmas Meets Creative Designs

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Six geese a laying, where would you keep 6 geese?  It made me think about holiday guests, filling your home with friends and family, and well, how do they all fit?  There are many design features and options that can help to make a space more functional, accommodating and a better fit for entertaining.

The pictures below provide design ideas or elements that help to create designated work areas or areas for family and friends to gather and enjoy their spaces and a welcoming spaces for guests to visit.

In this design by positioning the refrigerator at the end of the wall it maximizes the countertop workspace and keeps the refrigerator closer to the entertaining area of the island and the table area.  Also creating multiple gathering areas helps to control the flow of traffic in a space and also allows for multiple groups to gather in the kitchen without out over crowding the space.

The use of different textures can add to a design and look.  In this project textures played a key role in completing the look and feel of this space.

 .   . .  . 

From the use of mesh on the glass doors,  the mirror on the back of the bar to the texture of the stone on the walls and the corbels on the mantel area they all contribute to a rich and warm inviting area to entertain your guests and your senses.  We also created a design that allowed friends and family to gather around a beautiful bar setting that provided a serving space, extra storage and seating to fit all your holiday guests!

Design elements can come in many shapes, sizes & forms, as designers one of our jobs is to identify design elements that can add functionality, style, pleasing scenes and gathering spaces where memories can be made and shared.  A key component to great design, is great listening.  Listening to the challenges, listening to the dreams and goals of a client can lead to creative designs and dreams come true.

Who Couldn’t Use A Little Bling…..

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The 5th Day of Christmas is the celebration of 5 golden rings!  In the world of kitchens, golden rings bring to mind beautiful decorative hardware!  Cabinetry hardware can be updated or added to your existing kitchen to give your space a fresh new look.  When designing a new kitchen, a master bath suite an office or a retreat area in your home, decorative hardware can be the jewelry or accessory that completes the look.

Decorative hardware for cabinetry can be shiny or even can add a bit of sparkle, sometimes, it is completely understated, classic and timeless or rugged and masculine.  Decorative hardware can be a fun way to celebrate your space and add some personal style to your rooms.


4 Calling Birds – Tradition And What It Means To Us

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On the 4th Day of Christmas we celebrate and reflect on the traditions that are shared and passed on from generation to generation.  For me it is so fascinating to listen to traditionsthat families and friends share at the holidays.  Last night in speaking with a friend, I learned that their closest family friends growing up were the best of friends and so were their dads.  Unfortunately one of the fathers passed away.  But to keep the friendships and love they shared over the years instead of drifting apart they have continued their traditions and embraced their memories with what they now celebrate as the Orphan’s Christmas.  What a sweet and wonderful way to continue their friendships and memories as they celebrate life and loss together.  I am so grateful to my friend for sharing his story.  Keep those traditions, they make up a lifetime!

Three French Hens, Yum!

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Here is a simple and delicious holiday recipe for a main course of Cornish Hens, that are easy to prepare and so delicious!  Kitchens are the heart of the home and we are so honored to be able to help families create warm and inviting spaces in their homes to create memories and spend time together.  We hope that this holiday season your kitchen helps you to find those memories and moments.

Two Turtle Doves?

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So why are Turtle Doves referenced in The Twelve Days of Christmas?  In researching this verse I found it to be quite special and meaningful.  In history, Turtle Doves have been known as a symbol of faithfulness, love and devotion.  Turtle Doves in nature are known to live in pairs for their lifetimes.  They stay together and “can’t live” without the other.  So as I think about a gift a true love can give to to his or her mate there may be no greater gift of love, an unconditional love, that is everlasting and is true and timeless.   This may now be my favorite verse!

On the First Day of Christmas

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A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The song is in part a reference to the gifts that the wisemen brought. Composer Frederic Austin transformed the folk story into a song and nursery rhyme. In today’s hurried world, it may not seem like we always have time for simple songs or nursery games, but by putting today’s technology to work, we just might be able to take back some of the precious moments in our busy lives.

There’s plenty of technology that can make our time in the kitchen a little easier. We now have refrigerators that can keep inventory and help create our grocery lists. There are ranges, washers and dryers that can be controlled by smartphones. Apple, Amazon and Google technology can help us organize the kitchen chaos and even serenade us with a simple song about A partridge in a pear tree!  So set aside a couple minutes, sit with someone you love, and ask Alexa or Siri to sing to you about the 12 Days of Christmas.

The 12 Days of Christmas

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Have you ever wondered about the history and meaning of the Twelve Days of Christmas?

The Twelve Days of Christmas refer to the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day and the arrival of the three wisemen. The days leading up to their arrival were ones of anticipation and hope. The famous song was written by English composer Frederic Austin and first published around 1780, setting to music a story of anticipation. The days would culminate in a 12th Day Celebration that would include singing, delicious dishes and a Twelve Day cake or Kings Cake!  Over the next couple of weeks, I will bring you some history about the Twelve Days along with gifts of design inspiration, recipes that are rich in history, anticipation and celebration!


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Welcome to our Blog!  We are excited to add this new forum to provide our readers with fun information and resources that educate and inspire.  We hope that you will enjoy our featured posts! They will include some design inspiration, organizational kitchen tips, research on the latest kitchen appliances and gadgets, and a place for some fun facts, history and recipes. We want to share our love and passion for kitchen design with you! If you have questions on a post, suggestions for future entries, or if you have tried a recipe and would like to share your thoughts, send me an email. I’d love to hear from you!  My email address is rosie.millen@heritagehomedecor.com